Who are we?

Business & Science Poland (BSP) is a union of employers registered in Poland. The mission of BSP is to support the Polish business and scientific community in the effective shaping of the European agenda. We also advise on the programming and spending of EU funds for science, research and development as well as investments. Our members are Polish entities that are able to define their long-term interests and want to effectively manage regulatory risks. At the European forum we also support industry organisations associating Polish entrepreneurs, including the SME sector.

Our Brussels office provides:

An administrative and substantive support in the agreed scope
An office space with facilities providing comfortable working conditions.
A conference room
Organising debates, training and networking events
A virtual company address in the prestigious part of the city.

Why have we created BSP?

The EU institutions generate about 75% of law which is in force in Poland. A regulatory risk is one of the most important external factors affecting the functioning of any enterprise. To understand and influence the EU regulatory environment, Polish companies must constantly monitor legislative plans and promote their views at the very beginning of the decision-making process in Brussels. That is why we want to increase the presence of Polish enterprises on the EU forum – it should be adequate to the weight of the Polish economy in the EU. We invite various entities to cooperation: companies, business associations, chambers of commerce, research units and other employers’ associations.

What we do?

  • We advise enterprises on understanding the decision-making and legislative processes in the EU and provide support in the advocacy efforts of our members
  • We help in assessing the regulatory risk
  • We support in building relationships with decision-makers, stakeholders of legislative processes and other potential partners
  • We organise debates and networking events where we invite international decision makers and experts)
  • We monitor and analyse the EU legislation according to criteria and filters agreed with members
  • We support Polish scientists in obtaining funding for research and development from EU funds
  • We monitor and provide recommendations regarding events taking place in Brussels, as well as communication strategies and cooperation with the media
  • We support the recruitment of representatives in Brussels
  • We want to integrate the Polish business community in Brussels
  • We build a synergy between our members
  • We build expertise by preparing extensive reports and wide range of analytical data on economic matters

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