22 July 2022

The Future Industry Platform has joined the Business & Science Poland

The Future Industry Platform has become another organization belonging to Business & Science Poland (BSP). The BSP union of employers was established to promote solutions proposed by Polish business and science representatives in EU negotiations. The BSP’s mission is to offer member companies professional tools to influence the EU legislative environment and to build effective coalitions supporting the interests of Polish industry and science.

The Board of the Future Industry Platform emphasizes that the decision to join the BSP association is dictated by the desire to intensify the Foundation’s activities and cooperation with companies and organizations from the European Union:

– Our mission is for Polish entrepreneurs to have a strong voice in the European Union. The interests of our domestic industry should be represented both in Poland and internationally – thanks to the cooperation between FPPP and BSP this is becoming a reality.  – says Robert Kłosowski, Chairman of the Board of the Future Industry Platform.

Business & Science Poland (BSP) has decided to include issues related to Europe’s digital transformation in the scope of its substantive work in order to participate in the process of creating an EU regulatory framework for stable and secure cyberspace for companies operating in both domestic and global markets.

– One of the challenges facing Europe today is the digital transformation of the economy. This is a key area for the current and future competitiveness of Polish companies, alongside the climate and energy policy implemented as part of the European Green Deal. The coming decade is expected to contribute to the development of new digital technologies, the exploitation of the potential of artificial intelligence, as well as the creation of a solid legislative framework for investments in cyber security to provide a strategic advantage for European companies. We believe that our cooperation with the FPPP will precisely contribute to the creation of robust new regulatory solutions in the digital area. – says Artur Zasada, Chairman of the Board of the Business & Science Poland.


The Future Industry Platform is an organisation that helps to drive modernisation and business transformation processes. This enables domestic companies to become even more competitive in the global market. The foundation’s goal is to set directions and build Industry 4.0 in Poland. FPPP experts provide support in the field of digital transformation and work to develop the staff of companies, organise training and promote innovative solutions in the areas of: intelligent data analysis, automation and robotisation, process virtualisation, use of the industrial internet of things, use of 3D printing, implementation of cloud computing or raising the level of cyber security.

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