28 March 2022

NCBR_Webinar: “Lump sum in Horizon Europe: practical insights”

The NCBR Office in Brussels | Business & Science Poland together with NCPs of Research Council of Lithuania, Latvian Council of Science, Estonian Research Council and Polish NCBR are pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar on “Lump sum in Horizon Europe: practical insights”, which will take place on Wednesday, 6th April 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 (CEST).

Lump sum model – simplified form of funding – was launched within Horizon 2020 as a result of European Commission’s (EC) efforts to seek alternatives for traditional funding. The traditional scheme is based on reimbursement of actual costs, which is considered to be complex, have heavy financial management load and error-prone despite all simplifications of rules introduced previously. Lump sum funding removes obligation to report actual costs, allowing to focus on the scientific and technical content of projects rather than financial management.

Based on feedback gathered in the Assessment of the Lump Sum Pilot 2018-2020, broader use of lump sum funding scheme in Horizon Europe is planned by the EC. Therefore, it is important to analyse and discuss challenges encountered by this funding model and help future applicants better prepare for participation in lump sum projects through sharing early experience.

During this event our speaker Ulrich Genschel from EC will present the main concept and current developments of lump sum model. The second part of the webinar will be dedicated to practical insights and experience of participants of lump sum projects from Germany, Czech and Lithuania.

To participate in the event, please register by 4th of April.

You will receive the link to the Zoom meeting via e-mail a day before the event.

We recommend to send questions related to the topic using the registration form.

Working language of the event – English.

If you have any issues with the registration form, please contact NCP Veronika Noruse,

Webinar’s agenda:

10:00 Welcome by Veronika Noruse (NCP, Research Council of Lithuania)
10:10–10:30 Lump sum funding in Horizon Europe – Ulrich Genschel
(Head of Sector Simplification, DG Research & Innovation,
H3 – Common service for business processes, European Commission)
10:30–10:45 Q&A session
10:45–11:00 IGLO in Action workshop. Summary from the exchange of experiences with the implementation of lump sum projects under H2020 pilot – Błażej Thomas
(Senior European Advisor, UK Research Office [UKRO] Brussels)
Practical Insights
11:00–11:10 FIT FOR THEM: Fostering Institutional Transformation of R&I Policies in European Universities – dr. Nicole Birkle (Managing Coordinator, Johannes Gutenberg University, Research and Technology Transfer, EU-Office)
11:10–11:20 Aurora Alliance – Research and Innovation for Societal Impact – Andrea Nogova (Head of Grant office, Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute, Palacký University Olomouc, H2020 Science with and for Society [SwafS])
11:20–11:30 Pros and Cons of the Lump Sum Model: Market 4.0 Project – Gražina Žardalevičienė (Project manager, LINPRA – partner in “Market 4.0“ project)
11:30–12:00 Q&A session and closing of the event