6 February 2023

NCBR_Brussels Talks: Will Europe become a unicorn factory?

We cordially invite you to attend our monthly “Brussels Talks” webinar, organised by the NCBR Office in Brussels/BSP, with distinguished guests: Prof. Mark Ferguson, Chairman of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Board.

This time, we will talk about the  European Innovation Council and its mission in enhancing European competitiveness and how to open the season on unicorn creation in Europe.

We will also discuss synergies between the New European Innovation Agenda and the EIC and the strategic portfolios of projects and the profile of EIC Programme Managers.

The meeting, planned on  Thursday, 23 February 2023, 14h00-15h00, will be hosted by Ewa Kocińska-Lange, Director, NCBR Office in Brussels|Business & Science Poland

Join us and take part in our Q&A session!

If interested, please register: REGISTER