23 April 2020

#BSP_opinion: Priorities for the European Recovery Action Plan


Business & Science Poland (BSP) connects the interests, experience and knowledge of key industrial actors of Poland’s economy with the debate and negotiations fostering the European Union actions. Today we have sent our position to the President of the European Commission directing the attention to what our members consider a necessity in the process of overcoming the COVID19 impact on the European Economy.

The leaders of the European Union are negotiating a possibly the biggest financial package in history focused at recovering the European economy. At the same time many of the challenges that the EU was tackling with before the pandemic still require decisive actions.

BSP Managing Director, Mr. Bartek Czyczerski said “One thing is clear today, business-as-usual is the luxury which we cannot afford. After several weeks of unprecedented economic disruption our members and in general the European economy, show resilience and adaptability. But it would be highly misleading and dangerous to believe that we are in the same place as some weeks ago .”

The European Green Deal, digitalization, the open and competitive single market remain Europe’s operating principles. Bartek Czyczerski adds “The experience of economic transformation is still fresh in Poland. This has equipped Polish managers with a strong sense of realism in assessing upcoming challenges. Business & Science Poland and its members remain committed to the effective and responsible green transformation. But if COVID19 makes it more difficult, it is our duty to flag it and to find solutions to overcome it. This is why we submit our views on Recovery Action Plan to the European Commission.”

BSP postulates to focus the EU response – the Recovery Action Plan – on three principles : firstly, the Recovery Action Plan must unconditionally prioritise economic recovery; secondly, it must establish the level-playing field framework which leaves no one behind; and thirdly, it should provide for a far-sighted transformative but stable and realistic vision along with proper instruments to achieve it – including financial ones.

The full position of BSP on the proposal for the Recovery Plan can be found on here:

Brussels, 22 April 2020

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