25 November 2020

#BSP_insight on CBAM with Marek Balt, MEP (S&D)

The European Green Deal emphasized that “should differences in levels of ambition worldwide persist, as the EU increases its climate ambition, the Commission will propose a carbon border adjustment mechanism, for selected sectors, to reduce the risk of carbon leakage”. The proposal is expected around Q2 2021.

Ahead of that date, the European Parliament is working towards adoption of its own opinion on the matter. The plenary vote is announced for the March 2021 session.

Business & Science Poland is actively following the idea. We have submitted our position to the European Commission’s public consultations.

On 25 November, members of the CBAM BSP Task Force met with MEP Marek Balt, member of the EP ENVI Cttee.

BSP public consultaion position: BSP_CBAM_public consultations_position_28 october