12 October 2021

#BSP_Connect debate: Fitfor55 – Fit for Business?

12 October 2021, at 18.00

LINK to the video from the debate (in POLISH): 📺

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BSP Opinion to the European Commissions FitFor55 package (in POLISH):

Media about the event:

Two years after the European Commission President announced her political manifest, comprising the inception of the European Green Deal, on 14 July 2021 the European Commission published a set of legislative proposals, known as Fit For 55 package. The goal is clear: adapting the EU regulatory framework to achieving zero-emission economy by 2050 and reducing emissions by 55% compared to levels in 1990, by year 2030.

The BSP invited members, partners and interested parties to discuss best solutions that should be included in the final versions of the Fit For 55 proposals. Our panel discussion was joined by:

  • Prof. Jerzy Buzek, MEP, member of the ITRE Committee
  • Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski, MEP vice-chair of the ITRE Committee
  • Dr Bogdan Rzońca, MEP, member of the Budget Committee

The discussion was hosted by Katarzyna Lachowicz, Director of the BSP office in Brussels